Business School Admissions Process

If you’ve determined that you want a degree in business than you may be wondering what the rest of the process is to complete the degree. It is slightly different than other degrees to obtain, however there are several similarities as well. Make sure you have these steps covered when you begin the process of entering into a business degree of any kind.

If you already have a Bachelor’s degree or are completing one, make sure to have it done before beginning a specialized degree in business. Complete the undergraduate work first. Typically students entering into the business degree do have an undergraduate background in business already. However, this doesn’t mean you have too. You can start from the beginning by obtaining a certificate or Associates in business before moving onto the a Bachelors in business.

Keep in mind, this does still relate back to finishing and completing the undergraduate course work first. You can not move onto anything beyond a Bachelors in business until this course work is completed first as well.

To get a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) you will need to complete the GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test). This is a requirement after you have received a Bachelors in business to move onto completing a Masters in business. The GMAT has to be passed to be accepted into the Masters program or other similar degree programs in business. It is a standardized test that covers your ability to succeed in graduate business school. Occasionally, some schools do allow the GRE (Graduate Record Examination) instead of having to take the GMAT.

Either way, one of these tests will need to be completed and passed to enter into the program. Keep in mind, that if you are a foreign student to the United States, you could be required to complete the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) exam before being allowed to enter into the degree program.

After the testing is completed you will need to make sure to request your transcripts from the school or schools you have been attending. These will not be given to you, but will be sent to the school that you are applying to and want to enter into the degree program with. They must be official copies that the school or schools send.

Make sure to go over your resume and application as well. With a business degree a resume will be important and you will want to make sure that all professional and academic experience is current and up to date. It should definitely highlight your strong points within the business world and the hands on experience you already have. It needs to clearly show your skills, abilities and accomplishments within the industry.

This also should included making sure all professional work experience is up dated. It should really show what you have been doing with your career in business. This is a very important part of the business admission process with the respective school your considering. They will want to see what you will be bringing to their degree program and what type of student you are. It is as important as the essay portion of the application process. You want to make sure not to leave anything out and cover all the bases when it comes to the professional experience you have.

Typically with any applications there are recommendations or letters of reference. With a business degree there usually are at least three people that are needed to give a letter of recommendation for you. These should be employers or other professionals you have worked with within the industry. Of course, they should also be people that will provide positive feed back about you and your abilities. Make sure you have people lined up to complete these recommendation letters before applying even. You do not want to get through the entire application and then realize you have no one to write the letters. Nor do you want them to be late coming to you and you miss the application dead line.

Complete the application in its entirety. If you are applying to different business school programs, there will be multiple applications to complete. Though they may look similar, fill each one out uniquely. Pay close attention to the questions and necessary paper work to send in. There will most likely be slight differences between each. This is important about the essay portion as well. You can possibly use a similar essay for each, however you do not want to use the identical same one, since each school may have slightly different essay questions and requests.

Lastly, there will be the interview to complete with the school. This occurs after the application and other paper work has been sent in. Consider potential questions you will be asked and your responses to them. Common questions are:

  • Why do you want to attend that school for a business degree?
  • Why do you want a business degree?
  • What are your future goals within your career?
  • What can you offer the school and program?

These are just some examples of course. Consider all the possibilities and practice your answers. You will not necessarily have a lot of time to answer. So you want to make sure that your answers are clear and concise about who you are and what you want.

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