Ideas For Cause and Effect Essays

Cause and effect essays are a good way to compare items which show their similarities and differences. Sometimes, the hardest part involves coming up with a list topics to use. You do not want to pick a topic that is too broad which could become difficult to pull two different ideas together, yet so specific it narrows your discussion points. Typically, the essay needs to be in depth expressing details and clear thoughts to show a definite cause and effect to one another.

Part of choosing a topic of course will be the course requirements that the instructor or professor has given you. You will want to make sure what the requirements are and what the teacher expects you to be writing on. So when choosing a topic, make sure that you are falling within these parameters and not picking something that you want to talk about and does not fulfill the course description of the essay. When coming up with ideas for a topic, think about what the course is about, as well as what the teacher is asking for.

Some cause and effect ideas to use are:

  • Comparing environmental changes or hazards. Such as how pollution has an effect on health or what pollution does to the environment. What the causes are of pollution and the effect the pollution has on the environment.
  • Covering the causes of parents working and effects it has on children. How does having two parents working in the household effect a child or children in the home.
  • How does the media effect our outlook on politics or other factors within the country. What is the cause of the media and how do they effect the outcome of political races, people’s attitudes and societies over all thoughts on issues.
  • What are the causes of the death penalty and what are effects of caring out such judgments in society? Or does the death penalty work, in terms of the causes for the death penalty and does it effect people to deter them from crimes?
  • What are the causes and effects of different wars that have taken place? With a topic like this you may want to narrow it down to one war and certain aspects of the effects that the war had on society.

With any of these, they are only examples that can be used. If you can chose a topic that you are interested in, know something about, or want to learn more about, then go for it!. Picking subjects that you have no interest in will come through in your paper and will be obvious to the professor, since there will be no passion in your writing for the subject. Keep in mind that cause and effect essays are not about your opinion or what you think about the subject, but they are about facts, so you’ll want to pick topics that are not too obscure or do not have some sort of research available about them.

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