An Introduction to Process Essay Writing

Process essay writing explains how to accomplish certain tasks in a step by step manner. It is basically a how-to-do things essay. It teaches its readers how to do different things such as: how to assemble a chair, how to cook a certain kind of food or how to book a room in a hotel. It is also an essay that gives advice to people on how to improve or solve some difficulties in their lives. Examples of this are how to get out of a relationship and how to make your in-laws like you. Process essay writing is also an article that tells the readers the things that they should avoid like how not to dress like your mom or how not to behave in a social gathering. Process essay writing is like a manual written in a formal and scholarly manner. It narrates all the steps necessary to get things done as well as the things needed to accomplish it. Some process essays include photos and videos to guide the readers in following the tasks at hand.

Process essay writing starts with an interesting topic that specific readers would be interested of knowing. It gives an explanation on why it is important to learn the process and the benefits that it gives to those who can do it. The benefits may include financial benefits like how much money the readers could save, or even social benefits like prestige or popularity. Process essay writing explains what prerequisite skills are needed and what equipment are necessary to accomplish the task. It also tells the difficulties that the reader may encounter as they go along the process and it gives tips on how to overcome them. The steps in accomplishing the task are given in the right sequence so the readers can do them as they read through the article. The exact length of time to accomplish each task is given whenever necessary, especially for process essays that entail cooking and baking. Process essay writing combines the descriptive essay and chronological essay. It describes all the details in following all the steps in the process and it presents the steps in chronological order.

Process essay writing is everywhere. It is found useful in schools, in supermarkets or even in hospitals. It is used in teaching how to cook meals, how to operate the television, how to give medicine to kids, and even how to change the diapers of patients who are bedridden. It is the kind of essay that helps people make things work better and faster. By reading process essays, people learn from each other’s experiences. They learn about methods that work and they also learn about ways of doing things that they should avoid- as they will surely lead to failure.

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