Getting Sponsored for Your Education: Some Scholarship Essay Tips

There is no arguing that one of the most important aspects of a scholarship application is the essay. Indeed, it is not surprising that most scholarship aspirants find themselves scurrying for scholarship essay tips (often through the Internet) that could provide some light or guide as they write their scholarship essays.

If you’re one of these students who are looking for some ideas on how to write an effective essay that could be worthy of a reader’s second glance, here are some scholarship essay tips that might help you:

  • Don’t beat around the bush, keep it simple and stick to the topic. This is probably one of the most well-known and oft-said scholarship essay tips since time immemorial. It is also, arguably, the hardest one to follow. Well, you are inclined anyway to keep your essay as simple as possible as most agencies would only require their scholarship essays to be 1000 to 1500 words long. To avoid going through circles in your essay, decide at the very start on your synthesis or stand on the essay topic.
  • Make an outline. Another one of those well-known scholarship essay tips is making an outline. Your scholarship essay is not your freestyle narrative or diary. It should have an introduction, a body and a conclusion. Don’t go around blindly, inserting your ideas here and there. Outlines will help you decide on the best flow for your essay. A well-thought outline will give you a clear idea on how you could keep on your synthesis or main point about the topic.
  • Two scholarship essay tips that should often work together are these two: 1) Follow the instructions carefully and 2) Follow grammar rules. They are basically about sticking to a format. Believe it or not, there are two common things that could send a screener to go berserk (aka throw your essay to the trash bin) and that is to not follow the rules that they have given, or to submit an essay riddled with spelling errors and grammar mistakes. Included in these scholarship essay tips, too, is that one important rule: talk in formal English and avoid contractions as much as possible.
  • Another one of those scholarship essay tips that you might find useful is that about adding a personal touch to your essay. Tell something about yourself, something personal. If there’s something that the screener would like to find out from your essay, it’s something about your qualifications as their scholar.
    Ultimately, the last one among the most important scholarship essay tips is that one that you could do after you’ve finished your essay and before submitting it: ask someone to review your work. You could ask one of your teachers to edit your work. In fact, your teacher, too, could be a source of some interesting scholarship essay tips.

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