Q: What services are available in Essaystore.org?
A: Essaystore.org is an exclusive online writing agency offering writing and editing services for undergraduate and graduate students and companies worldwide.
To be more precise, we write model academic assignments, projects and papers, including research and term papers, academic reports, essays, dissertations, math and statistics problems, lab reports, programming assignments, application essays, book and movie reviews, make PowerPoint presentations. Besides, we deal with business documents, such as recommendation letters, resume, business plans, manuals, etc.

Q: How to place an order?
A: To save the customers’ time we’ve managed the process of making orders on the website and made it incredibly simple and easy. It consists of only 4 steps. After you have pressed the button ‘Submit Your Instructions Now’ anywhere on the website, you will immediately be transferred to the first step – the order form, containing the most important and general information about the client (specify your full name, phone number and email address). You will get redirected to the second step once you are ready with the initial one. Here you will need to give the key details of the required assignment, such as type of service (editing, writing, proofreading), paper type (dissertation, essay, research, etc.), number of pages, spacing, citation style and academic level. In case you have any special files or recommendations, you can upload them during step 3. Here you set the deadline, while the last stage is to conclude an order and make a small order summary.

Q: Who are the writers recruited in the company?
A: The vast majority of scholars we hire are from the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Besides, we employ ESL writers originating from Europe and a range of other countries to satisfy the educational needs of foreign students. All the writers without any exceptions pass writing and language proficiency tests. Such an exam will provide customers with professional writers and editors, thus, high quality documents, papers and assignments.

Q: How can I make a payment?
A: PayPal is widely used as the primary payment gateway for our company. Though, one can pay for the order using PayPal account or debit/credit card. If your debit/credit card doesn’t get verified by PayPal for some reason, you are free to send a wire transfer. Your order cannot be processed till your PayPal payment is reflected in the bank account statement of the company.

Q: How much time does it take to find the scholar?
A: The process usually takes up to 30-60 minutes, though it depends on the paper type, instructions, details and complexity of the assignment. If it should be urgently fulfilled, it definitely has a priority over any other order with the deadline in a few days.

Q: How can I be sure you will find the writer if my project is extremely specific?
A: We have spent many years hiring specialists in diverse academic disciplines. The result of this tedious task is noticed nowadays, as we can deal practically with any project, assignment or research irrespective of its deadline and complexity. If you doubt we can find the scholar, please contact our client support team via phone, live chat or email.

Q: I am partially dissatisfied with the quality of finished assignment and I require definite changes. Is it possible to edit the work?
A: From the moment you receive the final product you have 10 business days to request an indefinite number of amendments, and they all will be free of charge.
Simply login to your account, contact your scholar or customer support member and specify the problem.

Q: Is this service secure and confidential?
A: We guarantee 100% confidentiality. All the presented personal information including your name, phone number and email is used only by support representatives to contact you in emergency cases.

Q: Do papers undergo plagiarism check? How can you guarantee my paper to be original?
A: We take plagiarism extremely seriously, thus, we use two separate plagiarism detection systems to be sure every document, paper and essay is 100% original. From the moment the scholar uploads the completed version of your order and gets paid, the intellectual rights are automatically transferred to the company.

Q: What if my project is delayed?
A: 99% of all the incoming orders at Essaystore.org are delivered in advance or to the fixed deadline. However, we can be late according to a range of reasons:

  • The work amount necessary to be fulfilled exceeds the time given to do the task;
  • Your writer is a victim of weather conditions, gets hospitalized or gets into any other accident.

If for any of these reasons your order is late, you have all the rights to cancel the order qualifying for partial or full refund in accordance with our Money Back Policy.

Q: Where is your firm located and what is its legal name, if any?
A: Essaystore.org is a division of Global Writers Limited, a company incorporated under the UK laws (No. 07106763) with its main office at 122-126 Tooley Street, London, UK, SE1 2TU.

Q: Is it possible to talk to the writer if it is necessary?
A: Definitely. However, the way our customers strive to preserve their privacy, our writers and editors wish to stay confidential too avoiding direct communication with clients. Though, all the freelancers can receive private messages from customers, so you can talk to him or her through the website. If your project is really difficult or details are too specific and you want to talk to the executer of your assignment directly, you will have to contact the custom support department first and inform it about your request. They will offer you a scholar who accepts phone calls from customers and can manage everything for you.

Q: How can I be sure a good writer is assigned to my project?
A: Having spent years selecting the best editors and writers out of hundreds applications we receive each month, we can definitely say you will get the best specialist. Besides, HR managers working in the company constantly monitor job performance of our writers. The most important point about Essaystore.org is that we enjoy what we do even more than anyone else, thus, we take personal every undelivered project or assignment.

Q: This is the first time I make an order, and I am a bit nervous about the payment. How secure is it?
A: We use PayPal for the majority of our payments. It is the world’s top-notch payment processing system offering buyer enhanced security mechanisms, protection, seller verification and transaction monitoring. Visit the official PayPal Inc. website (paypal.com) to learn the details.

Q: How can I change some details of the order?
A: Please contact the customer support service via phone (1-800-397-3965), live chat or email (support@essaystore.org) and inform us about your problem.

Q: How can I be sure the writer has no questions?
A: In case we need extra information about your project, we will reach you anyway. If you fail to receive a phone call, email, voice mail or any other message from the company, you can relax and wait because your assignment is being processed. The final results will be uploaded within the specified time period.

Q: Is it legal to use this service?
A: Yes, sure.

Q: What if I did not find the issue I am interested in in this list?
A: Please, contact our customer support team via phone, live chat or email (support@essaystore.org).